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.Net Framework 4.5 and C# 5.0

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Microsoft’s .NET platform (and the connected C# programming language) were formally introduced circa 2002, and have quickly become a mainstay of recent day software package development. As mentioned in the .Net Framework 4.5 and C# 5.0 Course introductory section, the goal of this text is twofold. The first order of business is to provide you with deep and careful examination of the syntax and linguistics of C#. The second (equally important) order of business is as an example the utilization of various .NET APIs, including database access with ADO.NET and the Entity Framework (EF), the LINQ technology set, WPF, WCF, WF, and web site development using ASP.NET.

As they are saying, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; and with this I welcome you to Chapter 1. The point of this first chapter is to lay the conceptual groundwork for the remainder of the Course. Here you'll realize a high-level discussion of variety of .NET-related topics such as assemblies, the Common Intermediate Language (CIL), and just-in-time (JIT) compilation. In addition to previewing some keywords of the C# programming language, you will also come to understand the relationship between various aspects of the .NET Framework, such as the Common Language Runtime (CLR), the Common Type System (CTS), and the Common Language Specification (CLS). This chapter also provides you with a survey of the functionality supplied by the .NET 4.5 base class libraries, sometimes abbreviated as BCLs.

Here, you will also overview the language-agnostic and platform-independent nature of the .NET platform (yes, it’s true; .NET isn't confined to the Windows operating system) and be given a short summary relating to .NET’s role in constructing applications under the Windows 8 operating system. As you'd hope, several of those topics area unit explored in further detail throughout the remainder of this text.

• Introducing .NET
• The .NET Framework
• The C# Language
• Types, Objects, and Namespaces
• Developing ASP.NET Applications
• Visual Studio
• Web Form Fundamentals
• Web Controls
• State Management
• Error Handling, Logging, and Tracing
• Deploying ASP.NET Applications
• Building Better Web Forms
• Validation
• Rich Controls
• User Controls and Graphics
• Styles, Themes, and Master Pages
• Website Navigation
• Working with Data
• ADO.NET Fundamentals.
• Data Binding
• The Data Controls
• Files and Streams
• Advanced ASP.NET
• Component-Based Programming
• Caching

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This course has a very comprehensive coverage about .Net Framework 4.5 and its various aspects. All the information is latest and up to date. The level of learning is moderate. My know-how about the language has increased considerably.